The technology of glass has progressed over the years from a single pane wood frame to aluminum framing and then insulated glass (two panes with a sealed air space) with vinyl framing. Today the exterior glass is almost exclusively “low-e” glass, which is coated to improve energy efficiency. Low-e glass continues to be improved. All of our goals are still toward energy efficiency in all building openings whether it be windows, doors, or skylites.

Fogged up glass blocking your million dollar view? Let us clear that issue up for you. Modern windows are designed to allow the failed double or triple-pane glass units to be replaced while not impacting the window frame or surround siding. A quick, efficient, and clean process with amazing results without the disruption or cost of a whole window replacement.

Need a little airflow but don’t want the company of outside critters joining you? Lincoln Glass is here to provide, install, and service your storm doors, screen doors, window screens, and patio door screens.


Cascade Windows, Tualatin, OR

Milgard Windows, Tualatin, OR

PlyGem Windows, Auburn, WA


Alliance Door Products, Wilsonville, OR


Crystalite, Everett, WA

Velux, Horsholm, Denmark

Replacement Glass:

Hartung Glass, Wilsonville, OR

Portland Glass, Portland, OR

Windows/Storm Doors/Screen Doors:

Andersen Windows and Doors, Bayport, MN


Whether building your Dream Home or sprucing up the old place, Lincoln Glass is happy to help realize your dream interiors. We offer everything from the latest trending designs to traditional styles to blend into any settings.

Carrying a full selection of Agalite Shower and Bath enclosures and hardware, we specialize in custom shower enclosures built specifically for you but it doesn’t stop there. Wine closets, saunas, loft partitions, and don’t forget about that outside shower area for your furry friends.

Utilize mirrors Don’t forget about mirrors. We stock a selection of beveled mirrors in our showroom but are always ready to tackle your most elaborate ideas.

Dress up your old kitchen cabinet doors with new patterned, textured, or beveled glass. Choose from a broad selection of designs to either hide or highlight your prized possessions.

Protect your furniture surfaces with custom fabricated glass tops.

Accidentally bumped a picture frame off the wall? Don’t sweat it, just bring it in, we can help there, too, with a new piece of clear or non-glare glass before your parents ever notice!

Shower Doors:

Agalite Shower and Bath, Renton, WA