About us…

The Mason family has owned and operated the business since 1956 when John & Grace Mason, the grandparents of Spencer, the current and 3rd generation owner, established Lincoln Glass and oversaw operations for 20 years.

Spencer’s Grandfather, John, was a very “community-minded” person who was instrumental in developing community ties we are still proud of today. Lincoln Glass started as a small venture and quickly grew to provide a variety of services to Oregon coast communities and beyond.

Our Company

Dan and Elayne Mason took the reins in 1975 and helped Lincoln Glass blossom for 40 years. Over the years, Dan was very influential in bringing quality products previously unavailable to the Oregon Coast by championing efforts with manufacturers to use better, more durable materials in their products such as replacing metal components with stainless steel, edge deleting LowE insulated glass, and enhancing seals at vulnerable points. Dan and Elayne are now retired but remain staples of the community today.

As a third-generation family business owner, Spencer now aims to inject new energy with the same determination to bring excellence in product and service to the community. Spencer is committed to following the worn path set forth by his parents and grandparents alike.

Over all the years Lincoln Glass has remained at the same location, on 1st Street in Newport, while growing and expanding with the local community.

We attribute our success to our experienced and dedicated employees.